Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Sims 3

I can't get an install that works. I'm retarded, so I don't know how to mount anything with Daemon tools lite, or magiciso. Regardless, I don't think the torrent worked. The filetype is "bitlord incomplete download file." And I'm just uninspired lately, I can't write, I can't draw... If I sing, it just sounds hollow. So I'm reading Vampire Hunter D and detaching from the world, trying to find inspiration within myself, or within the pages of this book... I'm ultra tired lately, too. But I baked a cake, and I've been cooking besides, just keeping busy.
I want to start school now. I still have to bring my tax info to the school, and fill out some worksheet... Then I can choose the rest of my classes. Well, I could choose them now, but I can't remember my log in info, and the only place it's written down is in my phone... Which was fucking stupid, because my phone stopped working. Every time I turn it on, it just has a white screen. Uuuuugh.
I feel like just going to sleep until January.


  1. I hope the Sims franchise dies very soon.

  2. I remember the good old sims 1 days, now that was a great game :)

  3. its okay.. Worse things have happened to me