Friday, November 5, 2010

Teach me how to Money

Eh, haven't been posting lately. I've just been suuuper tiiiired. Sleeping a lot, spending time with my boyfriend. Pretending to be a guy.
...Yeah. I'll talk more on that later, possibly. Right now, I'm anxious about getting new clothes. Since I moved, I have only found my favorite shit... And I need $30 per pair of new pants, which is really all I want for now. Planning on picking up some shirts for every show I go to this next years. Oh my fucking god, Luna Sea is going to be in Southern California this December. I'll fucking kill my own mother if I miss it. The chance to see Sugizo live? Fucking no. Not missing that. I'll sell my nubile little body if I have to. -_-
So... more mindless musings... Oh, this is a great shop for clothes, and they have some really unique stuff!
Literally the highest converse-style boots in the world. I have a pair. Yeah. They're comfy, they fit nicely, and they're fucking awesome.
So there's that... That's where I'm gonna get my pants too. Dem shiny leggings. One for every color. Yeah. Been saying that for about a year, but I have no banking card, so buying shit online is impossible. And since I'm not making really any money, I can't help that.
I wanna go out and get a job right now, but I wanna wait until after I start school, just to be sure I can handle school and work.
Any ideas on what place would hire a cute girl with blue and purple hair and facial piercings?


  1. I havent went cloths shopping for myself since highschool.. and I'm 25 haha. The only cloths I buy now are work cloths, which are expensive.