Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pure Stupidity (And Halloweenies)

Again, PLEASE CLICK THIS!!! I wanna at least stay in top 15, but if you help me get to first or second, I'll give out a prize!

I stayed up for 24 hours starting the day before yesterday, so I ended up being awake really early today. I'm planning on making a cake or some cupcakes today, and my boyfriend is coming back out!! :D
I'm so happy now. Gonna get to watch the premier of the Walking Dead tv show together. :3
People fucking piss me off though. If you're all keeping something a secret, and you make a reference to something sort of similar to that secret, people should be smart enough to not say something about the actual fucking secret, and think about what you're ACTUALLY SAYING, instead of automatically assuming you're referring to this secret. Some people don't deserve the truth. >.>

Also, I've been writing some fiction here and there in the last 48 hours... I wrote an intro for something that I find rather enticing. It seems rather amateur though... Posting anyway. :P

The musings of an alleged madman went unheard as he lectured the corridor of the ramshackle apartment. His expression was calm, his voice monotone. Smoke drifted in plumes out of the corner of his lips as he spoke, "He's a fucking phoney, he smiles to the public, shakes hands with the drug dealers and gang kingpins, all he cares about is lining his fucking pockets." This man knew the truth of politics, he had seen the same story played out in several countries. This particular politician, though, was voted into office after exposing his opponent of having dealt with organized crime in an unfit manner. This man, the governor, deserved to be taught a lesson. "The public fucking loves him. He needs to know that we aren't all fucking sheep." He directed his speech to the image of his target on the television,"I know your secret, fucking political whore. I know what you've done to get that fancy fucking mansion. I'll take the one thing that you must truly still feel human toward." As he watched, the camera panned to the governor's daughter, merely egging him on, "I'll make him come clean to the public in order to save his daughter..."

So, there you have it... If you have any suggestions or editing notes, let me know.