Friday, October 29, 2010

Venomous Nightmares

Yeah, today I was awoken after only 3 hours by bad dreams.

Usually gore in my dreams doesn't bother me, so I don't know why it scared me so much. Basically, this is my first dream. I was watching a man at the zoo, in some sort of animal's habitat. The zoo keepers kept trying to get him out... I think he was drunk. Anyways, he's resisting, running away... And then, as the audience watched in horror, the animal to whom the enclosure belonged emerged from its sandy home. It was apparently a colossal scorpion. It was about the size of an Irish Wolfhound, and its stinger was nearly a foot long. The man turned to see this monster approaching, and turned to run, only to discover another colossal scorpion emerging. He was surrounded, and stumbling in the dirt, tried to fight them off. Though finally, the first scorpion plunged its stinger into his torso, which went right through his doughy body. As the other scorpion attempted to claw at the man's flailing corpse, the first scorpion began to wave the man around on his stinger... He was alive, screaming, terrified, and no one could help, because he was already practically dead.

Then, the second dream, I went into my mother's room for some reason, to find it was covered in spider webs. I took refuge on top of a chair in the middle of the room. Though, as I stood there, I realized it wasn't safe either, and two brown recluse were advancing toward me. I knew instantly they were brown recluse, and that they were venomous. Though rarely aggressive as a species, these two were advancing quickly toward me, flexing their mandibles. Oddly enough, right next to one of them was a pamphlet about brown recluse spiders... Anyway, just before they got me, I woke up and freaked the fuck out.


  1. you should write a novel from your dreams

  2. Hmm I haven't woken from a bad dream in a while. The past 3 nights I've woken up naked, when I went to bed wearing shorts and drawers originally...

  3. I think it was because I had so damn much chocolate before I went to sleep. >.>

  4. This is some crazy shit need to start posting the crazy dreams I have all the time.
    Following. ;)

  5. Bad dreams feels bad man.

    Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

  6. hey have you ever tried lucid dreaming? i do it at least once a week.

    i drink a bunch of orange juice when i feel myself getting tired, then i lie on my back on my bed... your body will test you by trying to get u to turn over...

    if u resist the urge to turn over, your body will think you're asleep. u will have crazy lucid dreams!!!! i can't even describe some of the shit i've seen.....

  7. Sleep paralysis- Yes, and no... Eh... I find myself awake in my dreams, conscious, and basically in a state of lucid dreaming, but I can't move or wake up. But at least I can have sweet dreams.

    Lucid dreaming- Again, yes and no. I find myself awake and fully aware in my dreams, but I can't wake up, and my control over the dreams is kinda limited. I know this is my own mental block, too, so it sucks. :/